I recently began making stickers for my business (you can find them on my website, on my Etsy shop, or at Urban Nest or Urban Brew in Beaufort). I have also been continuing to doodle on my iPad to relax and as a creative outlet in the evenings. I combined my doodles with the stickers last night and I have to say I was tickled pink with how these Mickey silhouettes turned out.

I use Procreate on my iPad with an Apple Pencil to do my doodling. For these Mickeys, I drew the silhouette and filled it in with solid black. Then I duplicated that black silhouette a whole bunch of times and started to play. First thing, change the background color. Next, pick a different color and see what my current mood or thoughts brings out. Looking over the sheet of stickers, I can definitely see some themes (plants, flowers, circles, multiple vertical lines). 

Once I had all of the Mickey doodles I wanted to make into stickers, I exported them to my computer where I inserted them into a Silhouette Cameo Design file and added the cutting line. Print the stickers, put the sheet on the cutting mat, then let the machine do the cutting. Voila! 

There are many, many things I create that don’t turn out how I envisioned it in my head or I don’t like and I scrap, but these little stickers, I’m a bit in love with them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m in love with every design, but I am really pleased with some of them and could see them on t-shirts. Hmmmm…..

Gotta go. I feel the need to be creative.

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