Playing Around Creatively

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Playing Around Creatively

Last year, I noticed that because my workroom is now out in the garage, a separate building from the house, I was no longer being creative in the evenings as I used to do in our old house when my workroom was one of the bedrooms. I missed that time, the time to be creative outside of what I was making for the business and there were also materials I missed using. So I carved out a little space in our master bedroom that my husband and I call “the window room” or my “mini studio.” There are three glass paned doors serving as a divider for this space (thus “the window room”). It really is a lovely little space with a desk, some paper crafting supplies, a dog bed, a huge bean bag chair for myself, a tv, and some shelves for storage. 

I have so enjoyed using this space in the evenings. Much of the time, I am doing some paper crafting- art journaling, doodling, making a collage, or such. One of my recent projects has been to make this notebook you see in the picture. I guess it’s an art journal of sorts. I use papers, washi tapes, stickers, pens, and markers and let the creativity flow. There isn’t an end goal in site when I start. I simply start with a piece of paper, tape, or sticker that is calling my name that evening and build on it. Add this here, that there, and doodle all over it. And sometimes paste more items on top of the parts I made that I don’t like. It’s a process that evolves while I work. I don’t plan, I simply follow the flow of the pieces.

Being creative is a necessity for my soul. Your soul may be craving it, also. You don’t need a big space like my workroom to be creative. A simple desk or table, some drawers and shelves to hold a few items, and a few supplies are all you need. 

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