Sawdust Sunday

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Sawdust Sunday

Not that I don’t work on woodworking projects on other days, but for some reason when I work on them on Sundays, my brain has titled the day “Sawdust Sunday.” Today’s Sawdust Sunday was brought to you from the kitchen, where I have been slowly renovating the room. I began late last April, taking out one section of cabinets, moving the refrigerator and building some upper cabinet and rehabbing a piece I found for the bottom. I’ve been taking out one section of cabinet uppers or lowers at a time and replacing them so that we always have a working kitchen.

In the last year, I’ve made three sets of upper cabinets, turned old windows into mirrored cabinet doors, made a pantry, turned an old screen door into a pantry door, made two lower sets of cabinets, turned a vanity into a lower cabinet, built a cabinet over the stove and installed a new stove head, built faux cabinets over some of the soffits, installed a new light over the sink, put down new flooring, put new trim on the doorways, and painted almost the entire room. Phew…that’s a lot.

Today I made the last of the cabinet doors and it felt great (except for the kitchen sink cabinet, but I’m going to do something different there). One set it for the cabinet over the fridge and the other is for the cabinet that needs another topcoat before being installed. Next is some primer and paint and then those doors can get hardware and be hung. It feels like I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel for this kitchen. Install the cabinet for the dishes, finish and install the sink cabinet, work on the backsplash (I design the pattern and my husband tiles it), fill in a small pony wall, and add some final trim. Gee, now that I listed all that is left to do, the light at the end of the tunnel feels farther away.

But the cabinet doors are made. Today’s mission accomplished!


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