By the Water's Edge

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By the Water's Edge

Take me to the water’s edge, whether it be the ocean, a lake, a pond, or a creek, and I am suddenly transported to a different mindset. A sense of calmness overcomes me, a sense of peace, a sense of being where I belong.

At home, I am hardly ever sitting still doing nothing. I work on one project or another from the moment I get up to the moment I run out of steam and fall asleep. I can’t seem to just sit and relax. But that changes when I get to the water’s edge. The sense of urgency leaves me. My hands no longer need to be busy. I don’t feel the push to be productive. I let go of everything else in my life and am just by the water. Feeling the breeze, smelling the salt in the air, listening to the water’s movement, hoping to glimpse a dolphin.

This is my happy place, where I am blissfully in the moment. I can sit here for a long time, gazing out onto the water and soaking in the calmness that has overcome me. And it happens every time.

What I find so strange is that I don’t come to the water’s edge more often. Every time I’m there, I think about how marvelous it is, how good it is for my soul, and how I need to have this in my life more often. And then I go back to my life and my busy mind and I forget to stop by the water’s edge. I drive by the docks, the bay, the ocean and think how it would be nice to stop, but I keep going on my way. And then one day I do stop and that wonderful feeling of peace, of being where I belong in the world takes over and I am once again astounded by the effects the water has on me.

The truth is I have no excuse for not stopping by the water’s edge more often. I live on a series of islands. There are opportunities all around me. Too busy? What day-to-day activities could be more important than taking a few moments to enjoy something I truly love? To soothe my soul? To have that moment of bliss? To feel all is right with the world?

The benefits are plenty, the drawbacks nonexistent. Go to the water’s edge.

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