Crabbing in the Lowcountry

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Crabbing in the Lowcountry

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I was used to being by a large body of water (the lake is actually big enough to have tides), and of course, I had been fishing.  But when I moved to Beaufort, South Carolina, nearly three years ago, one of the things that blew my mind was the ability to to the dock and crab for free (or the cost of a fishing license).  Crab? That’s expensive in the stores and restaurants. It’s often considered a luxury item and I could just go to the dock and get it myself?

The idea fascinate me and I had to try it.  I had no idea how to crab so I searched the Internet and watched others at the dock, then got the supplies and went crabbing.  Of course, I took Izzy with me (who thoroughly enjoyed the experience). The first few times she was so enthralled with the chicken being used to catch the crabs that she would jump in the water and swim around, sniffing and following the chicken.  That dog can smell chicken underwater. It is quite amazing.

So there we were, a girl and her dog, sitting on the dock, crabbing.  And much to my surprise, we caught some! I proudly took them home and then asked, “Now what?”  Luckily there were a few people I had recently met in Beaufort who were helpful and answered my cry for help, explaining how to cook, clean, and eat the crabs.  They were tasty!

Izzy and I still will go crabbing but now she stays up on the dock with me, eagerly awaiting a catch.  Every time a net is pulled up she runs over to see if there is something in the net (whether it’s my net or someone else’s on the dock).  She has gotten into a few standoffs with crabs on the dock- the crab on one side with its claws ready for attack, Izzy a few feet away, bracing herself and barking away at the crab.  Oh, the excitement!!

It’s a simple thing really, grabbing some chicken and catching crabs (the animal, not the disease), but I thoroughly enjoy the time with Izzy out there on the dock.  As well as the treat when we get home.



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