Making a House a Home

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Making a House a Home

There are people out there who live in a house and don’t require it to be anything more than a place of shelter.  Then there are people like me, people who need their house to be a home. I have lived in a number of apartments and several houses over the years and do so enjoy the process of turning that house into my home and my sanctuary.  When I first move in, I see the house as a blank canvas, waiting for me to add my collection of colors, furniture, and items that will transform it into my home. A place I long to return to, a place of peace, security, and comfort.

It takes times and is always evolving, but when my house finally feels like home, like a sanctuary, it is a reflection of me.  You can walk into my home and learn a great deal about me. Artwork and photos displayed throughout show my love of nature. The colors of the walls remind you of the sea, the place that feeds my soul.  A soothing feeling overcomes you, just as I want it to overcome me when I return home. Seashells are to be found everywhere, memories of the seashore and marvels of nature. The dog bed, handmade dog bowl, and dog toys strewn about tell you my dog is an important part of my life.  The wedding photos show you the love I found. The shape of the furniture and the pillows invite you to sink in and relax.

I am still working on making my latest house into my home.  Each item, color, and texture must be carefully chosen. Does it resonate with me?  Is it something I will love to see every day? Does it make me smile? Does it remind me of something or someone dear to my heart?  Does it focus my mind to what matters most to me? Will I walk in the door and immediately feel comforted, understood, and in a world that allows me to express who I am?  Will I feel I’m home?

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