My Favorite Season

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My Favorite Season

My favorite season, you ask?  Why, that has to be Christmas.  I know, when asked about your favorite season most people are thinking winter spring, summer, or fall, but the Christmas season is by far my favorite season.  It’s a magical time when people seem to become a bit kinder, more generous, more cheerful, and joyous. Homes, shops, and even cars are decorated with homemade and store bought decorations.  Family traditions are held and memories made to be cherished for years.

This afternoon, I turned on the Christmas movies and set about the task of bringing some Christmas cheer to the house.  Putting up and decorating the Christmas tree has got to be one of my absolute favorite things to do. As I unwrap ornaments that have been packed away for a year, I find surprises, ornaments I forgot I had added to the collection, like the two sea turtle ornaments I bought while on my honeymoon.  Certain ornaments bring up memories of past Christmases, such as when my pup swung her freshly unwrapped new toy and an ornament filled with beads shot off the tree, flying across the room. And then there are the ornaments that make me pause and look at them, simply because I find them so beautiful.  I recall where I found the ornament or how I made it, and hang it gently on the tree in a place that highlights its beauty. When the tree is completed, the room feels full, warm, and cozy.

Over the next month or so (I tend to keep the tree up for awhile), I will use the tree to light the room each evening.  I will stop and just stare at the tree, allowing the lights to blur in my vision, and letting that magical Christmas feeling overcome me.  It’s something I’ve done since I was a little girl. That tree, no matter what size or how many ornaments are on it, envelopes all that Christmas is to me.  All of the Christmas Eves and mornings gathered around the tree with family. The meals and Christmas cookies we shared. The smiles and laughter. The traditions.  The togetherness. And the building of memories to cherish for years to come.

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