My Sweet Puppy

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My Sweet Puppy

Even though she is five years old now, I still call my dog “puppy.”  She knows I’m talking to her when I ask, “Where’s my puppy?” This dog of mine, Izzy, put a lock on my heart the moment she became my puppy and I became her dog mom.

Yes, I do call myself her dog mom and when people ask if I have children, I answer, yes, I have a yellow lab.  This dog of mine means the world to me and I would not be where I am today without her. I recall when I picked her up in Portage, Wisconsin, setting her kennel in the back seat, looking at her and saying, “It’s you and me now.”

Being a dog mom isn’t all fun and games.  Puppyhood can best be described with the quote “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  There was all the nipping, the shoe stealing, and the unimaginable amount of boundless energy. Oh, those razor sharp puppy teeth!  One night, around midnight, as I was trying to get her to go to the bathroom so we could go to bed, she just wanted to run around and nip at my poor ankles.  I ended up sitting on the sidewalk, crying, jokingly asking a person passing by with his dog if he wanted a puppy.

As frustrating as puppyhood was, many of my favorite memories of Izzy are from that time.  The utter adorableness of her little puppy body pouncing on blowing leaves, chasing butterflies, watching the washing machine spin, and making mud puddles.  Her refusal to get into the car when it was time to leave the park. Running into every puddle she could find. Barging into people’s soccer games to play with them.  I wouldn’t exchange those memories for anything.

The little puppy who didn’t want to cuddle is now a 70-pound lap dog who wants to be under the covers with me.  She breaks my heart when she looks at me with those sad eyes when I’ve been busy and haven’t spent much time with her.  She fills my heart with pure joy when she finds that perfect stick to run around with, flinging it from side to side with wild abandon.  There is a bond between us that is unshakable. For the last five years, no matter what was happening in my life, Izzy was always there with me, and for me.  She is a part of my heart, my soul. My sweet puppy.

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