Not Just Stuff, Joy

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Not Just Stuff, Joy

Stuff.  It’s everywhere.  It’s in our homes, at our jobs, in the stores, and advertised like crazy on television and other media.  And I’m now selling it.

To tell the truth, this has been an internal struggle I’ve been having since opening my own business.  I think we live in a society that focuses too much on “stuff” and convinces us that we need more of it.  And I am selling stuff? Adding to that? That’s not right.

Today, the quieter voice of reason and truth that was being drowned out by the loud clamor of commercialism was finally able to come through and be heard.  HandMade Beaufort is not about filling your life with stuff, it’s about stuffing your life with joy and meaning.  Joyful things that are practical and useful.  Everyday objects that have added meaning to you.

Take decorative pillows, for example.  Not only do they spruce up a room, they make lounging on the couch more comfortable.  It’s something you are going to buy and use frequently.  Why not buy one that highlights something you love, like your dog who is staring at you because you are sitting in her spot?

Tea towels.  Very useful for those of us who don’t plan on using the shake your hands rapidly and spray water all over the room method for hand drying.  It’s used daily, so let the towel remind you of something that brings you joy, like the refreshing coolness of sweet tea on a warm summer’s day.

We really don’t need a lot of stuff.  Instead, we should be taking the time to consider what we are purchasing and selecting items with additional meaning.  The color reminds you of the ocean where you feel relaxed. The phrase makes you smile. The design highlights something that you love in the world.  Not only is the item practical, useful, and not a waste of money, it’s a connection to something that speaks to your heart. That is what HandMade Beaufort hopes to fill your life and home with, joy and meaning.

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