Connections, Pillows -


“I’m beautiful!”  

“I’m bold.”  

“I’m serene.”

“I’m soft, so incredibly soft.”

Fabric speaks to me as I walk by it at the store, telling me about itself (and, in reality, about myself).  I especially love the remnants sections of fabric stores where you rummage through a sea of fabric, discovering treasures that just call to be taken home.  I may not have a purpose for it yet, but the piece speaks to me and I can’t let the opportunity for it to be a part of my life journey pass me by. There will be the day I’m creating and that piece will be the perfect addition.  That piece of fabric will have found its destiny, its purpose in my life.

This sounds lovely, but the downside is that it leaves me with piles of scrap fabric in my workroom. Piles.  Pieces that can go unused for years. I occasionally sort through the fabric to see what I can discard, feel a twinge of regret that I purchased these items but haven’t used them yet, and, inevitably, keep them for I still believe they will find their way into a project.

This morning I have been working with fabric scraps and remnants, piecing them together to create decorative pillow covers.  And it has been wonderful. Fabric remnants that I purchased shortly after I moved to Beaufort three years ago are finally finding a home.  These pieces, scraps left over from various projects or fabric bolts, that had been left in a jumbled pile are now able to come together to create something beautiful.

I have made many items over the years, some that I’m proud of and some that were destroyed before anyone could see them.  These pieced pillow covers that I worked on today are different than those projects. I found myself identifying with them.  Identify with a pillow cover? Crazy, I know, but still true.

You see, I feel like one of those pillow covers, pieced together.  The pieces are made up of different experiences in my life. They are moments, people, and emotions that have shaped me.  There have been several times when I have broken apart and shattered over the years. Like these pillow covers, I have been pieced together, creating something whole, something beautiful.  The edges of the pieces fray, just as I unravel a bit from time to time, but they stay connected. The thread that connects them is vital, just as connections are vital in our lives. It was, and is, the connections to friends, family, colleagues, my dog, my husband, that sewed me back up when the pieces fell apart.  Those connections stop the unravelling, add more patches, and keep me whole. Just as these pillow covers would if you removed the stitches, take those connections away and I would fall completely apart, cease to exist as the person I am.

There are times in life when we break, but those pieces can be stitched back together.  It won’t look the same as it did before, but that’s okay. What is created from the pieces is more beautiful because of the connections, old and new, that hold the creation together.

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