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Take me to the water’s edge, whether it be the ocean, a lake, a pond, or a creek, and I am suddenly transported to a different mindset. A sense of calmness overcomes me, a sense of peace, a sense of being where I belong. At home, I am hardly ever sitting still doing nothing. I work on one project or another from the moment I get up to the moment I run out of steam and fall asleep. I can’t seem to just sit and relax. But that changes when I get to the water’s edge. The sense of urgency...

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There are people out there who live in a house and don’t require it to be anything more than a place of shelter.  Then there are people like me, people who need their house to be a home. I have lived in a number of apartments and several houses over the years and do so enjoy the process of turning that house into my home and my sanctuary.  When I first move in, I see the house as a blank canvas, waiting for me to add my collection of colors, furniture, and items that will transform it into my home....

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Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I was used to being by a large body of water (the lake is actually big enough to have tides), and of course, I had been fishing.  But when I moved to Beaufort, South Carolina, nearly three years ago, one of the things that blew my mind was the ability to to the dock and crab for free (or the cost of a fishing license).  Crab? That’s expensive in the stores and restaurants. It’s often considered a luxury item and I could just go to the dock and get it myself? The idea fascinate...

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