Build. Sew. Create. Be Inspired.

I am Elizabeth (Kuhn) Brubaker, owner and operator of HandMade Beaufort, LLC.  My life has been a series of adventures since June 2015. That was when I decided over the course of three days to quit my teaching job, sell my house and just about everything in it, and move from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Beaufort, South Carolina, a town I had not only never been to, but hadn’t heard of until that weekend.  Six weeks after making the decision, my car and my parents’ minivan were packed with everything I owned and my dad, my yellow lab, and I headed out for Beaufort.  This was the most unplanned and risky move I had ever made in my life and it has been nothing (well, almost nothing) but good.  

I decided to leave the teaching field after over 15 years and tried tech support for the local school district.  While the job wasn’t for me, it had a purpose.  There I met a wonderful man who is now my husband.  A man who has supported and encouraged me to follow my long-held dream to open a business selling my handmade items.  Arts and crafts have always been a part of my life.  My family was a DIY family.  My dad had a workshop (he built a beautiful cradle for me when I was a baby), did all kinds of projects around the house, and did sketches when he was younger.  My mother was mostly into sewing, making outfits not only for us, but also for my Cabbage Patch Dolls (they each had unique Christmas outfits).  She also did a number of other crafts (remember Macrame?).  I started with a craft drawer in my bedroom, then a craft cabinet when the drawer couldn’t hold all of my supplies, to a craft closet, and finally to a craft room in my house.  (I’m thinking a craft tiny house next.)  Crafting has always been an outlet for me, a place to retreat and rejuvenate, to find inspiration, and to be free.  

I am excited to open HandMade Beaufort and share what I love doing most (making things) with others.  For years, I have been giving handmade items as gifts and it has always given me great pleasure to create something useful and/or pretty that someone else enjoys.  I hope you find something that brings a smile to your face and adds a little joy to your day.